The reason for success of the «e-sports»

The rise of video games as entertainment for the general public has come to really surprising levels. The culmination of this boom is found in the so called e-sports, which are nothing more than video games in which huge amounts of players competing for glory and, at times, considerable monetary prizes. Typically, these sports-related events generated great expectations, and there are no so far from the other traditional «sports».

Why they emerged as explained that achieved fame are currently possess?
The answer is not easy. The most logical choice would be to believe that everything is related with money; more specifically, opportunities to generate money associated with the creation of events, media coverage, the relationship with the game industry, etc.

However, behind the purely economic reasons, I believe the gaming community in general have seen in e-sports an opportunity to accomplish something that was a problem long ago; overcome prejudices.

Who she has never heard anyone say that video games are bad because they make children all day locked in their bedrooms? If I at least, and more than one time. Prejudice in the world of video games have always existed; until relatively recently, when video games have definitely claimed as an art, and evidently as a means of entertainment seriously and with huge possibilities, the most absurd prejudices were not so absurd.
Think, as I mentioned before, the game turns people retracted people, solitary, addicted to video games, something was partly accepted by many people. That image has changed a lot in recent years, and much of that change has come thanks to the opening of the games a lot of those people who was previously oblivious. Now video games are everywhere, and apparently there are no limitations for anyone. Everyone can play.

And also, much of that openness has a great ally in the e-sports.

Certainly the fame of massive multiplayer games has created a huge community of great success in many ways. There are exceptions, but mostly focuses are on the competitions that belong to them, such as the powerful League of legends. The fact that it has been claimed this game and many others like «sports», making them up within what is considered the various entertainment media to this day has its reason for being in my opinion more to do with the artistic part of the video games with their share of entertainment.

Why do I say this?

I admit that my opinion is based on questionable assumptions. The fact is that I see it. Thanks to e-sports, video games are no longer seen as something that belongs to the more personal and private. That image of the «geek» («friki» as we say a lot in Spain) playing in their room, glued to the screen glued to the screen it has crumbled under the image of thousands of people gathered, before in the conferences to attend the news of the large companies, now also to play and compete.

Video games are now a mass entertainment. Nobody doubts. But maybe that is another step instead of the ultimate goal. Because while video games in general had such a restrictive image, now that image is still present in the most artistic works and less oriented to the competitiveness both into the medium has triumphed.

Perhaps the ultimate goal is that video games today are more dedicated to personal and artistic field (considering that games in general are an art) end up coming to the public in the same way we have already made competitive games. It is certainly a utopian dream, but it’s nice to think that the greatest art is becoming an attractive finish to the masses and thus, becomes the expectation and recognition they deserve reamente; stay above the «mass entertainment» posed to anyone who sees one of the major championships.
I believe that is why they have reached such a degree of fame competitive games and has therefore opted to expose the general public to become the new form of mass entertainment. Because even those who do not usually play or simply do not attract that kind of games we see in this event an opportunity to reach an even higher goal. The opportunity to make video games, thanks to the fame and public participation in most of the arts, not only in theory (as I exposed myself in an old article) but in practice.

For my part I have begun recently in this of competitive video games; but actually playing in an amateur way, and the truth is that I understand what is their great attractiveness to the more casual gamers. 

Hey. It´s me, playing a round in Heroes of the Storm.   ;P

I hope the competitions of various games that are to this day acquire more relevance in order that my desire is fulfilled and supposition.

And if it is not met, well, dreaming it´s free, right?

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