The change of course on videogame industry

Effectively, there has been a significant change of course in the industry. At least, in called AAA industry. and this change is due in part to the appearance of new sectors into world of gaming, at least in my honest opinion. But also influences the attitude of this part of the industry that seems not to understand what is the solution to their problems. 

I´m a person who have some interest in issues related to economy, and the other day I read an article that talked about the state of some economic sectors and other things. Although apparently both subjects, the economy and the video game industry have nothing in common, in this article I can find some similarities with the present situation of the second subject mentioned above.
I explain:

Before game developers had to strive more to survive, somehow said. Productions were very dependent on long-term sales, and because the market was smaller and the public looked closely at the good work of these companies, they had no choice but to strive to create good games.
Saying in economic terminology, CREATE A GOOD PRODUCT.

A good product, not an expensive or cheap product, more like a product with value.

This concept is important. In recent years, the enormous growth of the market has created new sectors; namely mobile platforms, the appearance of an indie sub-industry that did not exist, etc. But I want to emphasize the young market of games for mobile phones. I definitely think that here is the key of part of the course that is taking the AAA industry. Not dwell too, I will discuss something that is quite known. In this market of mobile games, have proliferated various ways to maximize benefits, however, most of these forms are based on a common element; advertising.
Discover advertising as a tool to expand your product and how easy maximizing income element is in my opinion the goose that lays golden eggs for many economic sectors, and videogame industry is not going to be less. Even more, now that it has even surpassed the film industry, in fact, also it has much to do with marketing.

However, this huge discovery, besides being a reef, can also (and indeed is) a bitter face. It´s good that industry can ensure the viability of major projects, considering that with the advancement of technology and the ambition of getting developers costs tend to be higher. Knowing that your product does not mean a risk can sometimes be an incentive for creators just take risks and try to create works unceremoniously, without being constrained by budgets or requirements from market research. In short, security gives freedom to create works of quality, which can be more or less successful, but certainly will be a true reflection of its creators.

And there is the problem.

The industry has not been able to see this discovery as a safe on time to create value, but as a means to create value. And I say this referring to an economic expression.
This error has surely derivative at erroneous attitudes on the part of large companies in the industry. Instead of striving its products have value use advertising and marketing to create a fictitious, unreal value.

The bombardment of advertising by active and passive on the eve of some great sales pitch gets ensure, yes, but not in order to cover costs, but simply to win more. Definitely a wrong view in my opinion.

And why?

Because this form of advertising using ignores product quality. You could say something like this:

«You have to sell the product at any price». 
«We gotta get with advertising what we have not got our work».

The companies have settled. What at first was a way of expansion of mobile games has become too lucrative source for large industry, and that is having undesirable effects. To the point that they no longer seem to be real intention to create good products, but to sell products. Of course not everything is bad. The well-focused marketing attracts new people to the scene, and can serve to change the image many people still have to this day of video games.

One way or another, the industry is growing rapidly; but the ways in which you can improve and grow far from each other. Without doubt, go to the easy, speaking clearly, is not the most desirable. This path based on the abuse of tools that currently exist within the reach of large developers to ensure success at the expense of the quality of the games that produce only would undermine that ultimately we get this industry forward; Players.

To what extent should we be permissive with this attitude?

Can there be any excuse?

I do not believe it. Not after seeing how the lords of CD Proyekt Red offer us a game like The Witcher 3, with a total estimated cost of 70 million, leaving Destiny badly on that cost (remember) nothing more and nothing less than 500, Yes, 500 MILLION DOLLARS.
The Witcher 3 is the perfect example of that advertising is not required for a game to succeed, or to simply cover its own costs. As I read once, «differentiated and high quality products will always find a market.» Inside the world of video games is to say that a good game, sooner or later end up with the recognition it deserves.

For the good of everyone, and the developers themselves, hopefully between the desires of benefits voices will gamble to try to create quality games, which may result in inconprendidas works rise up, but we certainly will not be indifferent.

Hopefully those voices mark a new direction for industry…

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