Collateral damages of the platform war

Many months have passed since the launch of the third part of the saga The Witcher. However, there are still a discussion to CD Projekt Red, with the title above mentioned left in the wrong place at other companies and game developers (especially AAA developers).

But also another discussion remains as important and certainly we should not put aside. There was a huge controversy because the company itself, CD Projekt Red, acknowledged that he had asked downgrade graphics of The Witcher 3 in its PC version to prevent the difference from its equivalent in off huge consoles in the public eye.
This is really serious though it may not seem so. Most curious of all is that despite the downgrade that actually suffered the game, the final téncico has been equally spectacular finish. But speaking clearly demonstrates this fact today as the console market, and this is an opinion, should clarify, this slowing in part the technical development of the game industry.

The next-generation consoles have not lived up to expectations, of course;They are still far from the level that currently owns the PC platform. Each platform has its limitations and its virtues, but we must try to prevent the platforms that offer greater benefits their interests are imposed.

And that is the problem, as many have heard, is that now there is a strange need for confrontation. A need to impose on others, speaking in terms of platform. Every time less people try to take full advantage of all consoles, all games that are available to them. Because companies seem to wanting it so. All claim that their consoles are the best, the most powerful, which have higher catalog. Above all should encourage more and more people will move to a platform that wants more to that platform. 

And this must be achieved at any cost. Even with lies, even giving the consumer sideways.

And curiously this attitude from the console industry has emerged quite effect. Although many people were disappointed with the new generation, the success of it is unquestionable.
And what I find most curious is still that this apparent victory by the console is having effects on the platform as of today more respected by the community, the PC.

It´s in spanish and has nothing related to the platform war, but is quite funny    ;D

There is already talk of how long the limitations of consoles some developers to weigh in establishing caps graphics of their games. However, they are beginning to give very striking cases of policies of certain companies that not only significantly impair the PC industry, but for other platforms consoles. I speak as the «temporary» exclusivity that has appeared with a few titles at the moment.
These precedents are bad omens, as they represent a new way of imposing interest on a platform in front of the other. And this, of course, contributes to worsening the situation riality between platforms, not just consoles vs PC. Not enough for some games consoles are unique; now others will also temporarily exclusive.

I will not say anything about the advantages and disadvantages of the consoles and the PC because we are all tired of hearing them. We are well aware of them, I would say. I will not say, therefore, that should not be looking for ways to get new virtues for each platform, to make it worthwhile; I can not accept is that as long as that end will be willing to allow actions that harm others’ platforms.
Because the worst of all this is, obviously, that we left consumers are harmed; players speaking out. Those who want to play all the great works of industry, and increasingly we are more on the need to choose sides.

And even fewer companies adopt attitudes that include the public inside this dynamic, creating the famous «fanboys and fangirls» consoles.

I am one of those who dare to think of the day when the obstacles are overcome platforms. The day that you bet on a single platform thus removing barriers to enjoy all the works that offer us the industry. The day the stupid arguments about whether to the PC or consoles and favoritism are gone are gone. That day…


As I always say, no matter what platform you are. The important thing is to enjoy the game and be reasonable to criticize all that is bad, above all, for those who are passionate about video games and want to play them all.       ;P

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